computer technologies

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web design

Antivirus, data recovery, transfer of data.

computer hardware and software

New computer or hardware sales, repairs, electronic devices. Data protection services, network installs, moves and changes.

cloud services

Office 365. Collaborative software services or any other requirement you may have.


Need professional advice - don't hesitate to call us

NOT JUST ANY IT PEOPLE - we are professional and nice to work with.

For any technology based needs - whether it is installation of networks, computers, upgrading to Windows 8, we can do it all. If you need other hardware such as servers, storage devices, camera systems or headphones - we can do it all. 

Latest News

October 2014
Do you need a good website without hassle or fuss. CT Golden Ears created one - check it out - Golden Ears Driving School

June 2014
Windows 8.1 can appear to look like Windows 7 with start menu. One such example is Iobit's start menu - visit

April 2014
Microsoft stops support for Windows XP - this means no more security updates. If you need help upgrading to an Operating System that is supported, then give us a call.

April  2014
Heartbleed causes havoc and opens a serious hole in websites. We can help you solve this.